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lights a.m. 

'shine our lights' EP

Best track: dare to live

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the best way to describe this ep would be something along the lines of 'dreamwave from the heart'. the front cover also gives you a pretty accurate idea of the sound you are about to enjoy on this EP. it opens with a track of the same name as the ep itself, and the last track of this 5-song helping is an instrumental version of 'shine our lights'.

it progresses from a fairly run-of-the-mill sound that we hear from a lot of dreamwave artists, in to something quite euphoric and beautiful. the instrumental version would fit well into any sci-fi score. infact it really does come close to a number of the pieces of music used in the film 'oblivion'.




the best track of the ep comes next in the form of, 'dare to live'. to be honest, it's actually very similar to the first track but I just think the production sounds better and the synths at the end are a little more experimental. in a genre where so many songs come across the same, it's these little things that go a long way to making a big difference. the vocals are quite pleasant in this song as well.

'walking through the dark' and 'we are ready' are the other two tracks. and it's hard to say much about them without repeating what I've said about the other tracks. and although I commend this first effort for an ep, it is this repetitiveness that ultimately prevents this good compilation, from being great. I will say however that i'm expecting big things from the album release later this year. by taking some of the dreamy sounds from this bunch of tracks and adding some more melodic elements, I think you'd be a fair way towards making something pretty damn good! 7/10 joe ward.




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