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It also evokes a vivid image of a strong and independent woman of the 80's, driving a convertible, answering her humongous portable telephone and finishing the day in her expensive pad. All-in-all, 'Cherry Crush' is a superb opener to your first-ever synthwave EP, it's cool, suave and a perfect beach-bar number.

'City Lights' follows and straight away I am reminded of some of the songs from 'Arwelone's' first album. I haven't heard a great deal of decent dreamwave songs of late but this is certainly one to remember. It is the standout track off the EP for me. Fortunately, this EP doesn't go out with a whimper either, 'Sundown' (a very appropriate name for an outro track to one of this summer's hottest EP's) is a chilled piece with sporadic synth riffs fed throughout, without any particular structure. Pretty much the definition of anything chilled in my book!

I hope that this is the avenue L'avenue (Ha! see what I did there) wishes to go down rather than trying his hand at a few subgenres. Selfish I know but what the heck...I really like his sound and I feel he'll really succeed with it. He seems experimental and not too afraid to try things out which in a REALLY competitive field of music, is exactly what is required. And I have a feeling he knows a few of the big boys in the biz so who knows, we may be rewarded with some collaborations in the near future...

What I really like about this EP is the apparent refusal to stick to the script. L'Avenue has written his own so to speak. Slow tempos pave the way to interesting choices of catchy synth tone riffs. The ability to 'use the space' is also very evident throughout the compilation, some of the heaviest basses I've come across of late can be found on this EP. I'm very excited to think of what the mind of this 'apparent' newbie to synth can go on to do. His heavy message that audio and visuals go hand in hand for everything can only mean we're in for treat. Joe Ward 8.5/10


'cherry crush'

Best track: city lights

click album cover to listen


Jesse Reuben Wilson has made quite a splash with L'Avenue, a far cry from his other projects including; the funky feel of 'Positive Flow', or the chillhouse vibes of 'Ocean Sky'. And for someone that apparently 'stumbled' upon synthwave, he has made a tremendously intelligent EP that doesn't follow the status quo of the genre in the slightest.

The EP titled 'Cherry Crush' kicks off with the titular track, and it is one that has a unique-ness to it. It conjures a classic 80's aesthetic of beautiful women in swimwear in a summer sunset scene playing cliché beach activities. The stimulations don't end there though. 

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