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'lost in a dream world'

Best track: getaway

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Synth Friends, Christmas has come early! the year end has gone from the superb to the sublime with this beautiful ''pépite'' Betamaxx release. and there's no question about it...its out of this world!


I've been listening to this artist for almost a decade and I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty. over the years, Betamaxx is much the same as a fine Burgundy wine, he only gets better. over the years, his style always improves to the next level with Drums sets always on point and synths clearer than ever, melancholy and nostalgic shades come to capsize our hearts via melodies that hit you right in the feels.

When others might exhaust themselves with overloads of ostentatious and pompous frills, betamaxx goes for the essentials with finesse. Freshly or set up in his new studio and 2 years after the release of the incredible "Archaic Science", Nick comes back with 'Lost in a dreamworld', an album that combines several styles which all work perfectly together. You will end up having the same conclusion that I had: the artist clearly knows what he is doing and showcases different types of inspiration, he throws in an almighty number of sub-genres like italo, new wave, cinematic and atmospheric.

Indeed, for those of you who love New Wave, you will not be disappointed!

The track "Never Sleep Again" comes as a perfect example and you will surprise yourself singing out loud this particularly effective title. Its binary drum beats and reverb/aerial guitars immediately remind us of some great references such as the Cure or A Flock of Seagulls. 'Lost in a dreamworld' might also bring back some memories of those old hours you've spent listening to the kicking drums of 'People are People' by the kings of synthpop 'Depeche Mode'.


If, on the other hand, you are more attracted to italo disco with poppy vocals and happy feels, you get some eclectic choices with tracks such as "Disco Dreamgirl", "Skyhigh" and "No fun" which are interpreted by two female voices well known in the synthwave's field, 'Glitbiter' and 'Mecha maiko'.

While the first of these two tracks will make you think that you are dancing like a jelly in the middle of the dancefloor thanks to the huge brass synth, the other one will knock you on your back and make you think that you've messed it up with the girl on this very same dancefloor and now you're trying to fix it...but in vain.

But when it comes to synthwave love stories, you can only put back the pieces with some night ride outrun and to enhance the ease, 'vacation' is the soundtrack. it's a powerful collaboration involving the great 'Robert Parker' mixing catchy synth and soft shredding guitars that makes you want to push harder on the pedals of your shiny night ride.


In addition to the attractive musical themes found on this compilation, the last big chapter is the definitive icing on the cake. From the beginning, I have always associated Betamaxx with visual and cinematic universes and once thoughts are categorically confirmed. "Opaque Fog" could very well be a soundtrack for 'fog' by 'James Herberts' which is a wonderful horror novel. As Crescendo as the novel is, the track leads us in an evolution worthy of the late eighties movies suspense. As for the intro, a delicate and almost disturbing loop maintains an atmosphere on which big percussions combine intertwined with fleeting light synths. such anguish, but what finesse!

'Stargazer', just like 'Opaque Fog,, brings a real cinematic dimension to the album. The intro loop could very well be reminiscent of orbital transmissions or even a fantastic vision that never ceases to grow. This track bursts the heart, and sets off a thousand flashbacks. a girlfriend forever frozen in our past, long lonely walks after school bus trips with a heavy heart on lost summer got me all  sentimental betamaxx!


'getaway' is undoubtedly the track that will succeed in convincing the most skeptical. Nick gives the impression of having drawn the best of old 'Anoraak' combined with some of 'FM Attack's' magic, entirely remodeled into his very best recipe. it Could be the Retro Hit of the album. for me it is but I encourage you all to decide for yourselves.


To conclude, there is very little at fault on this record, it's all about proper balance and the undying feels that perpetuate throughout. The subtlety and accuracy have all met at the right place and time, and it's all wraped up in an elegant and sober design from Mizucat, what else could you possibly want from an album...heck what else do you people need? 9.5/10 Morgan perrot

a visual representation of the album:

betamaxx  review.png

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