The Rise of the Synths

Updated: Jan 26

Hey synth lovers! 👋🏻

Jack here writing the first blog post up in this place. It also just happens to be the first of the decade, an opportunity I've gladly taken. Hopefully it will be a decade to look back on through hazy nostalgia laden eyes inspiring more and more synthwave for you to upload to your mainframe and fill your silver souls with emotionally charged electro-sensory sonnets.

Great things are happening in the wake of last years FS outing to the Rio Cinema in Dalston, London. Myself, Rob and Joe attended the premiere of the all encompassing synthwave documentary #TheRiseoftheSynths. This thing is making literal waves (pun intended) throughout the scene and as exciting as it was back then, the excitement has been exponentially increased by way of Forever Synth friend and executive producer of TROTS Damien Jackson inviting me to attend the Liverpool premiere to take part in the interview process after the documentary has played out. It's such a pleasure to be asked to represent the Forever Synth team and of course my own music #PrettyGlassFolk to an audience of synth lovers in the land of the scousers. (If they weren't synth lovers before the showing, they sure will be afterwards 😂)

I will continue to update you all with news of this as things progress up until the event! In the meantime keep an eye out for all things synthwave coming from our direction, we're working on a lot of great content and improving all aspects of Forever Synth, we're stepping it up so watch out!

Keep it real!

Jack // Pretty Glass Folk 💜✨